Work With Rachel


Who She Serves

Rachel’s clients have a genuine desire to make a life-benefiting change.  They love how accessible Rachel is and value the personalized service that she delivers. They can tell that Rachel believes there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all approach. Rachel’s education, experience in practice and TV experience as a nutrition expert let them know that they’re receiving the very best care. They’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of misinformation on the internet and want an advocate and coach to provide a personalized nutrition plan to help them meet their goals.

Rachel specializes in providing medical nutrition therapy for:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Multiple Pregnancy


GI Disorders (Monash University low FODMAP IBS diet trained dietitian)

Insulin Resistance

Weight Management

And many others

Scheduling an appointment is as easy as sending Rachel an inquiry by email. Rachel’s past clients love to refer their friends to her. Clients may also come by referral from a medical doctor, but a referral is not required to make an appointment with her.

How She Serves

At your first appointment, which takes about an hour, Rachel will conduct a thorough dietary assessment. She will ask you questions pertaining to your diet and exercise habits, so it’s helpful to keep a food diary and bring it with you to the appointment. She’ll also discuss any medical conditions you’re being treated for and medications or vitamins that you currently take. Then, based on her assessment, Rachel will provide an individualized nutrition plan that will address your nutrition needs and overall health goals.

Typically, after the initial assessment a half hour follow-up visit will be made at which time your original goals will be evaluated to ensure that you are on track. The number of subsequent visits will vary depending on the nature of your progress and your success with implementing the recommended lifestyle changes.

Rachel’s initial consultation is $140, and follow-up visits are $50.  Rachel is also in network as a provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia, and Aetna.

Responses to lifestyle modifications vary from patient to patient. Some patients will see improvements very quickly, while it may take longer for others.


Why She Serves

Rachel has the credibility and the education to translate nutrition science into practical tools and  strategies. Her clients have often experienced information overload from the internet, and are now looking for custom tailored advice. Rachel makes each recommendation for the specific client, so they know that no matter their health concern she offers a solution. She helps separate fact from fiction, junk from science and after her many years of experience, she knows what works and what doesn’t.

Rachel’s family is the measure of success. Her goal has always been to raise healthy, happy, active kids who are educated about their own wellness and nutrition. Rachel practices what she preaches, so her clients can feel confident about the advice she proves.

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